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Emiliano Ranzani, AIC-MA, is an award-winning cinematographer based in Italy.

He is experienced in a wide variety of genres and formats, from music videos to documentaries, advertising, and drama.

He has worked for major broadcasters such as RAI and SKY, brands like The Adecco Group, Ferrero, and Ralph Lauren as well as with the Italian branches of top-tier companies like Universal, and Warner Music.

Emiliano’s work in documentaries and short movies has been screened and awarded at several festival around the world.

By making him part of your team you’ll hire:

  • a serious professional with over 15 years of experience in media production who can both design the visual make-up of your project and then follow its development all the way to the final delivery.
  • an experienced camera operator who can handle any modern camera system
  • a passionate and dedicated individual who will walk the extra mile to bring your project to life.

In short, Emiliano is the cinematographer you’re looking for.

Feel free to contact him if you need to know more.

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